November 30, 2016

Plastering Checklist

Checklist of what to look for in a plaster company

  1. Can you tell me about the qualifications of sales staff and trades people?
  2. Can you show me examples of quality finished product?
  3. Do you provide service and reliability guarantees?
  4. What emphasis do you place on site cleanliness during and on completion of job?
  5. Convince me of the manner of all your staff?
  6. Are your administration staff professional and qualified?
  7. Are your administration and trade staff contactable 24-hours?
  8. What’s your availability of maintenance personnel for after-sales service, repairs, etc?
  9. Are all staff trained in :HIA Worksafe Safety Course?
  10. Do you have someone on-site that’s first aid qualified?
  11. Do you have public liability insurance?
  12. Is your scaffolding and equipment HIA Worksafe OH&S approved?
  13. Tell me about the number of years experience you have in the trade?
  14. Do you have continuity of staff?
  15. Do you employ an ornamental cornice specialist?
  16. How long before you can complete a quote for me?
  17. How long before you can start my job?
  18. How quickly can you turn a job around once you start?
  19. What are you company policies regarding drugs and alcohol?